What is Blepharitis?

It is a common inflammatory disorder of the eyelid margins/ edges.

What causes it?

It may be associated with some scalp conditions, such as very dry or oily skin and dandruff, allergies or skin sensitivities. The tissues around the eye are sensitive in general.

What does it look like?

  • Eyelid margins/edges are red and posibly inplammed.
  • Dry, white scales may be stuck around the roots of the eyelashes
  • Wet or Sticky versions make the eyelashes clumpy and stuck together
  • Eyes may only be midly itchy, but could also feel sore or a burning sensation.


How can I make it better?

You will need to remove the debris from the edge of your eyelids and from between your eyelashes. A daily routine of eyelids and lashes cleansing will sort you out

  • What ever you do, don’t bother with soaps or baby shampoos. They wash away the good oils the eye needsideally and may even have preservatives. Warm water on it’s own cant deal with it.
  • Antibiotic ointment may be recommended in very severe cases by a GP.
  • Blepharitis goes hand in hand with another common eye condition called Dry Eye, we have a help page on that too.

What do I use?

In truth, Blepharitis is a condition which is reoccuring but is regarded as chronic. This means if you don’t keep up wth a healthy cleaning regime then you can wave goodbye to comfortable vision and eyes as it will keep coming back.

  • Blepharitis needs to be maintained and managed frequently.
  • Blephaclaean are pre-moistened wipes which are great for wiping thoroughly arounf the eye.
  • Blephasol is a solution and cotton pads bundle is a great value pack which works likes  the wet wipes.
  • Thealoz Duo and Hyabak Eye drops are great for any dry symptoms.
  • Blephagel is a gloopy gel you can rub into your lids and wash off easily
  • You can buy these preservative free (the most important bit!) cleaning products from the Blepha range right here at 4 Station Road.