Diabetic Screenings

Diabetic Screening changes for 2022

As of March 2022 we no longer see patients for Diabetic Screening appointments.

Due to changes from the diabetic service providers you will now be required to have a diabetic screening done at a separate appointment to your sight test and it will no longer be with us, at 4 Station Road.

This means that the NHS services will contact you with an appointment to go elsewhere. We are no longer going to be seeing you for the stingy eyedrops and retinal photography part of your diabetic checks.

We will still continue to provide for your sight tests and spectacles and will contact you when you are due for your next test.

If you are under 70, with no clinical or health reasons to be monitored on a yearly basis then the NHS stipulate that you will now have a routine sight test on a 2 yearly schedule. However, if you feel your vision has changed before that then we an see you earlier.

If you have any queries then please contact us on  01617475555.


Thank you.

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