Sports eyewear options

We can find solutions for sports performance eyewear to suit any scenario.

Both adults and children can find themselves unable to use contact lenses, so what are the alternatives?


Impact sports

Balls, raquets, bodies and bruises. Sport activities are not limited to one type and your everyday specs are likely not made to get through them in one piece, or more specifically – safe pieces.

Sports frames are designed to be safe IF they break and they are made to not be easy to break. We have a bunch of kids who play for local football clubs using them to keep their eyes safe and see clearly.



We can sort out prescription goggles for both adults and children, great for casual or serious splashers. 

For the more adventurous types we can also whip up prescription diving masks.

REMEMBER: Contact Lenses + Water = NO!

The lenses can become damaged, contaminated and compromised by water exposure.

Standard swimming goggles severely reduce the chances of eye infections or irritation caused by pool chemicals interacting with your contact lenses.

Prescription swimming goggles let you escape all the risks of mixing contact lens and water as well as letting you see clearly.