Contact Lens Standing Order

Contact Lens Standing Order

Patients who want a supply of contact lenses on a regular basis can benefit from our hassle free standing order option. S/O = Standing order 🙂

Whats the benefits?

Benefits you ask? We’ve got loads of them!

Firstly you don’t pay more for your contact lenses if you set up a S/O. But you do get some freebies for being on it.

  • Annual contact lens check (usally £30)
  • Sight test. Either yearly or every 2 years but thats still £40 you won’t be paying 🙂
  • Retinal Photo’s (usually £10)
  • Free replacement lenses, if you have any lenses that misbehave then let us know and we will get you new ones.
  • You get a cool 10% off your spectacles, and no limit on how many times you use it.

How does it work?

Monthly payments jump from your bank to ours (we have the forms here to easily set it all up) every 3 months or 6 months you will have a batch of contact lenses to collect or have delivered to your address.

Delivery sounds good doesn’t it? But the advantage of them arriving to us is that no one has to be in at home to accept a delivery, you can instead pop into us when ever is convenient for you. We will give you a phonecall or a text to let you know when you have lenses to collect.

I’ve been on direct debit before elsewhere…

Lots of other opticians do something similar. The key difference is that a Standing order and a Direct debit work quite differently. We don’t do Direct Debits 🙂

You are in charge with a Standing order, not the other way around. If you need more or less lenses or even want to put your supply on hold, then you can do just that.

If you ever want to pause your lens supply but not loose your benefits then you just reduce down to £5.00 per month.

Remember to let us know if you reduce or pause any payments as we might expect a payment.

I just want to buy my lenses as and when but I like the sound of all those benefits, Any way to still get them?

Yes, of course! If you would rather pay for your sight tests and contact lens checks over the year in nice, small spreadout payments then you can set up a £5 per month S/O, just to cover all your test fee’s and you’ll still get 10% off your glasses.