Xmas competition 2021

Hello and Welcome to another one of our Thomas Carter Opticians of Urmston, Christmas Window, Decoration Competitions.


This years theme is SNOWFLAKES.

As always we ask of you to kindly make us something fantastic, for the community to appreciate and for us to judge hopefully as a winner or runner up entry.

We want to see recycled materials used to make something that is environmentally conscious, rather than repurposed from shop-bought items.

Seeing the designs Children have made us in the past always keeps us inspired for runt he competition every year, and is always an exciting time for the TCO Team.

We will have 2 hand in times/dates, to keep the event covid-safe and also allow patients in our practice to not feel intruded upon by everyone coming to visit us at once.

Elsa and Olaf will be on hand to greet the children and thank them for their hard work.

  • Friday 26th November 3.00 pm – 6.00 pm
  • Saturday 27th November 10.00 am – 1.00 pm

You can find a downloadable version of our Christmas competition entry form below. We need the child name, age. KS level, School name, and your address and contact information (As the responsible-looking-parent/guardian-person)

The snowflakes will then be put onto your Xmas trees to being joy and fun to everyone who passes by! Make sure to pop by and check them out whilst also trying to spot your entry.

Good Luck to all and Thank-you for continuing to make this an event we love to hold for our community.