Hello and Welcome.

Please take a moment to read about the changes we’ve made in 2021.

Appointments are required for all visits to the practice currently.

We would also appreicate if appointments could be booked by phonecall or email, rather than anyone coming into the practice.

As a Healthcare provider we work with healthcare authorities and triage for the eye hospital as part of the primary care/CUES scheme.


To keep everyone safe and happy we are limiting the amount of patients in our practice at one time. This includes anyone needing to come in for repairs, adjustments or collections.

All visits of any kind will require an appointment.

Please be aware that if you do turn up without an arranged time slot then our staff may decline to let you into the practice or even be free to answer the door.

Please call us to make an appointment, if you have any spectacles or contact lenses on order then we will contact you when they are ready and book you in.

Please contact us on 01617475555 to speak to a member of staff  regarding an emergency.

If you need any help, advice or want to make an appointment please phone or email Joanne@thomascarteropticians.co.uk