Appointments and Services

Private Test Fee – £40

Student Test Fee – £28

(Including Apprenticeships and NHS staff)

After 19 you are no longer eligible for an NHS sight test regardless of being in Full/Part time education.

With ID as proof we offer 30% discount on test fees and 10% discount on specs. 

NHS Eye Examinations – Free

You will be eligible for an NHS test test of you are:

Under 16, under 19 and in full time education, over 40 with a direct family history of glaucoma, over 60, receiving qualifying benefits (feel free to call and ask on 01617475555 about the benefit types) or if you are Diabetic 

NHS Diabetic Retinal Screening – Free

Routine annual photography for diabetic patients. 

We work closely with the local health authorities to provide a reliable and thorough service

Retinal Photography – £10

Recommended part of a routine test visit. This allows us to keep a continous record of your eye health in better detail.

3D scan, OCT – £25 (Includes retinal photo)

Scanning technology using reflected light is used to capture a deep level of information about your eyes which allows us to detect the earliest signs of degenerative conditions, changes or issues requiring a referral.

The scan and photograph is the best way to keep a fully detailed record about the physiological state of your eyes: for the past, present and future.

Annual contact lens check – £30

Annual contact lens checks need to be done to ensure safe and healthy wear. We will contact you when they are due to make your contact lens supply is not interrupted. We can not supply lenses to anyone with an out of date test or lens check.

Contact Lens Fitting and Teach – £40 

For new wearers who need the A to Z about becoming a contact lens wearer. Includes fitting and teach, and usually a week of trial time.

 A follow up appointment after trial is also booked to confirm the prescription or make any adjustments. 

You will need to have had a sight test within the last 12 months. 

Some people need more than one teach appointment before they can take lenses home to begin their trial, don’t be disappointed or discouraged if this is the case.

Clinical Assessment – £20

Sometimes it is not necessary to do an full eye test resulting in a prescription.

If you have any worries regarding red, sore, itchy eyes, sudden changes in vision, distorted vision, flashes and floaters or a suspected infection or allergic reaction.

We can advise if medication is required or emergency medical attention. If you are ever concerned for your vision, out of our opening hours,  you can seek Urgent care at Manchester Royal Eye Hospitals’ A&E department.

 Dry Eye Clinic – £80

To diagnose chronic dry eye conditions. After an initial consultation appointment we follow up with 2 more appointments to establish the best hygiene routine to care for the eyelids, eyes and lashes to maintain ocular health.

Beneficial for anyone suffering from post sugery side effects, blepharitis, allergies that affect the eyes, dry eye or tear duct issues. 

 Cataract Referrals (Private and NHS)

We advise how cataract operations are performed from start to finish and ensure you feel happy to be referred. We have both NHS and private eye hospitals in our Manchster area that will accept NHS cataract surgery patients. Private referrals are available for those interested and can also be performed pre-cataract as a method of surgical visual correction.


Pre and Post Cataract Checks

Checks to ensure suitability for surgery for both private and NHS patients and also post surgical checks are performed here, instead of certain eye hospitals requiring you to go back to them.


 Private Visual Fields Screening and Report – £60

We can accurately measure your peripheral with this test and can determine if pre-existing health factors are affecting vision.

Such as a stroke or glaucoma. We can also supply a full report which may be requested by your GP.